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DP Ep2: Hunt or be Hunted
Episode 2: Hunt or be Hunted!
:The title screen shows Seiryu, Diamond and Danny trapped in a cage as Skulker is holding a latest weapon and it shows closely DIamond is in her Wind form as the catchline says "Its Hunting Season!":
:The episode begins at DIamond's house in her basement it shows DIamond practicing her powers before school. She was practicing to switch between her elements-though its weird-looking as two sides of the armor are different elements:
Diamond; OOh maN!:Looking at the mirror:
Genbu: You switched too fast. You must focus on the element you want while letting go of the other.
Diamond: Okay okay.:SOon returns to normal: Okay Seiryu lets try-:Looks seeing him checking out channels.:
Seiryu: 5,000 Channels and only 40 of them or more are japanese. Where is the Spectral network!:Pressing button on remote:
DIamond: :Turns off tv; Seiryu!
Seiryu: What?!
Diamond: Training! I have to practice switching between elements and here you are slacking. How am I gonna be a Beast
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 5 12
Next gen: Shimmer Heartwarm by galaxypaintdrops Next gen: Shimmer Heartwarm :icongalaxypaintdrops:galaxypaintdrops 74 13 Agent DK by KIZZ1Pikachu Agent DK :iconkizz1pikachu:KIZZ1Pikachu 3 1 Next Generation: Diamond Dust by LolaDitz Next Generation: Diamond Dust :iconloladitz:LolaDitz 81 18
Monster Buster Club - Protectors of Earth EP:14
Monster Buster Club - Protectors of Earth
Previous Episode: Mix-Up Double
Next Episode: Mirage Mirage
  "Hi my name is Alex. It has been some time since the foundation has been disbanded but once again Single Town is in need of our services. Gathering together the original four along with others who support our cause we have become a gradual successor. We are the Monster Buster Club!"
Episode 14: Small is Tough
(At school, Franky is looking at the library books)
Franky: (mumbles in her sleep)
(Danny kisses her on her forehead.)
Danny: Hey Study Buddy!
Franky: Hey Danny.. (yawns) Man, who knew books are so hard to read..
Danny: Franky, It's just Little Red Riding Hood. (he looks at the book o
:iconpikafan2000:Pikafan2000 2 4
New Episodes of MBC.
(I updated a little for :IconPikaFan2000: )
Episodes: Season 1
1. A reformation (After more than 3 years have past, Single Town is in need of the MBC's Services yet again.)
2. Then there was five (Alex's Debut)
3. The good, the bad, & the Sticky (The return of Glutten & goes after Alex)
4. A ghost of a trance (Franky's Debut, A Hypnaghoul is found in SingleTown & puts Alex & Cathy under hypnosis)
5. The More the Better (Franky joins the team, Speedy joins the team, Debut of Paige, With Single Town getting bigger the MBC)
6. The Power of Bravery) (Juan's Debut.) (The Sinster Mafuse is on the loose & while the MBC are tracking him down they end up recruiting another member in the process)..
7. Play Games. (Return of Proskar and Juan has to beat him)
8. Memories. (Return of Agar and Juan's aunt and mother's debut. Juan discovered that his mother is friends with Agar and Agar has a crush on Juan's Aunt. Also The debut of Raga, Agar's twin and the true criminal. He brided Agar to be a crimi
:iconanimax1z:animax1z 2 17
Godzilla: Kaiju King- Origins prologue
< File Name: Interview I>
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< File Uploaded!>
A man in a heavy dark trench coat sat in a chair, scratching at his scruffy beard
While a man in a white lab coat, combed back hair and glasses recorded notes as
they had opportunity to talk to the famous Shobijin of Infant Island on the origin
of a great number of the infamous Kaiju. This is the interview of the said event:
Gordon: So Fa- I mean Shobijin. What is it that exactly is the start of the Kaiju?
Shobijin: It started in the earliest of times, when the first creatures were on
Gordon: You mean like dinosaurs?
Shobijin: Yes. The creatures were present at the time it began.The great
Space Monster: Ghidorah, reigned down when young and not as powerful, eating
creatures of all sorts and ravaging the lands.
Gordon: So this is all Ghidorah's fault?
Shobijin: Not exactly. Before Ghidorah could do much damage, Our eternal guardian,
Mothra,came to the aid of Earth and its creatures, challenging Ghidorah. The battle
:iconxxkaijukingxx:XXKaijuKingXX 1 0
MBC 29 Tentacle by sherakh MBC 29 Tentacle :iconsherakh:sherakh 30 3 Problems: Music Therapy by white-tigress-12158 Problems: Music Therapy :iconwhite-tigress-12158:white-tigress-12158 10 14 Bug Trackers by StTheo Bug Trackers :iconsttheo:StTheo 380 19 Dragon Quest XIX: Quest for the Dragon by CSImadmax Dragon Quest XIX: Quest for the Dragon :iconcsimadmax:CSImadmax 2,425 551 Stubble Trouble - 522 by Rennon-the-Shaved Stubble Trouble - 522 :iconrennon-the-shaved:Rennon-the-Shaved 2 5
Ponies and Dragons XXXIII (Just Have Fun)
Session 33.0 Zaku789
"Back off, I don't play that.... crud!" Apple Jack swore as he realized he couldn't say that phrase without it being misinterpreted due to his unique circumstance.
"Err... can I ask you for a favor...." Elusive asked the diamond wolf.
"Urrgh.... fine," Alexei sighed as he pulled out a Elusive costume.
"Hahaha! This is getting better," Rainbow cackled.
"Yeah.... too bad we're going to experience it ourselves soon enough," Pinkie laughed.
"Yeah... wait what?" At that Discord snapped his fingers turning Pinkie and Rainbow into there guys selves. Rainbow Blitz take a look at himself in the mirror. "By Celestia, I'm handsome!"
"Ooh," Sweetcream Scoop said as she left Apple Jack and Elusive to admire Rainbow Blitz.
".... I'm both relieve, yet strangely enough insulted that she ditch me for Rainbow Dash," Apple Jack said.
"Indeed," Elusive said. "Plus she obviously doesn't understand how hot we are as dudes, I mean look at me," Elusive pointed to the disguised Alex
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 15 229
Ask True Blue tumblr 1134 by Out-Buck-Pony Ask True Blue tumblr 1134 :iconout-buck-pony:Out-Buck-Pony 10 1
The Ghost and the Dragon 1
Okay, time for me to begin my newest parody. This time it's the Fox and the Hound. So buckle yourself up people! This one's a keeper! I do not own anything in this story.
The Ghost and the Dragon
Chapter 1: The arrival of Danny and Jake
It was quiet in a part of forest. At least, at first. Suddenly out of nowhere came a laser shot followed by some yelling and chasing. A women in a green spandex outfit and goggles run holding something in her arms, her little baby who currently gotten himself black hair. This young baby has a secret, one is why Maddie's (the woman) pursuers are chasing her for.
Maddie runs across a path with the hunter and his creatures a few inches behind her. She soon run across stepping stones of a lake with a waterfall flowing in it, looking around every now and again. Maddie knew her end has come and that her pursuers will get both her and the child soon. But right now, there is no chance of hiding in this part of the forest.
'What can I do?' thought Maddie as she
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 3 1
Totally random by Dargon96 Totally random :icondargon96:Dargon96 1 0



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my sarry I perfect princess please forgive me


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